Nicole Lasswell

Inner Peace


\ˈi-nər\:  of or relating to the mind or spirit
\ˈpēs\:  a state of tranquility or quiet
\ˈbrō-kər\:  one who acts as an intermediary 


What do I mean, inner peace broker? I am a person that can help you broker peace with yourself. I hold a safe space for you and give you tools that can help you heal all the wounds and resentments that are not allowing you to move forward in life. However, I cannot bring you inner peace, only you can choose inner peace for yourself.

Remember that you are the only person you need to live with 24/7, so it should be of upmost importance to love yourself and be at peace with exactly who you are.

World peace is here. All each and every one of us has to do to make it happen, is to work on our own inner peace. Therefore, it is a selfless act to seek the deep tranquility within. We all win.

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