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Inner Peace


\ˈi-nər\:  of or relating to the mind or spirit
\ˈpēs\:  a state of tranquility or quiet
\ˈbrō-kər\:  one who acts as an intermediary 

What do I mean, inner peace broker? I am a person that can help you broker peace with yourself. I hold a safe space for you and give you tools that can help you heal all the wounds and resentments that are not allowing you to move forward in life. However, I cannot bring you inner peace, only you can choose inner peace for yourself.

Remember that you are the only person you need to live with 24/7, so it should be of upmost importance to love yourself and be at peace with exactly who you are.

World peace is here. All each and every one of us has to do to make it happen, is to work on our own inner peace. Therefore, it is a selfless act to seek the deep tranquility within. We all win.

If you need more clarity on whether I can be of service to you beyond what you see is stated throughout the website, please email me through the contact page to set up an appointment in person or via video chat. My hope is to ensure that what I offer is in line with what you’re looking for.

I look forward to helping you finding solutions that work for you to create the life and environment that you truly desire.

An area of expertise that is near and dear to my heart, through which I have deepened my path to finding and practicing inner peace, is parenting children with Autism. Both my boys, ages 9 and 7, are on the Autism spectrum and are doing beautifully in life. The amount of research, trial and error, and experience that we have gained in these past few years can be a wealth of information for others. I offer this expertise through my blog and as private consults. I am not certified in any of the conventional certifications (i.e. parent liaison, social worker, legal advocate), but I can offer direction and tools in dealing with the stresses that come from medical/insurance/financial/legal situations thanks to the holistic certifications I have and my personal experience.

To me, if the parent is okay, the children will be okay. If you foster peace during the unfolding of life with children on the spectrum, the whole family can participate in life more gracefully. Yes, life with disabilities can seem more challenging, but a beautiful and joyful life is absolutely attainable. You just have to choose it.

If you’re new to parenting a child on the Autism spectrum, you’re probably overwhelmed, so I highly recommend you read my first blog: The top 10 things I wish I knew when my kid received the Autism diagnosis. As this all unfolds, make sure to live one. breath. at. a. time.


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