Scheduling a session with me

The current availability for in-person one on one sessions are on weekdays from the hours of 9am ending by 2pm Central Standard Time. Different accommodations can be made for video or audio sessions. Please email me at to schedule your time and day or use the Contact Us page.

Access Bars® classes to become certified as an Access Bars practitioner will be advertised as they become available. These will take place all day on a Saturday.


  • Access Bars sessions take an hour and cost $80 per session. These must be done in person.

  • Access Bars classes cost $350 per person. They will be offered every so often if there is demand for them. Stay tuned to the webpage to find out when these will be scheduled. These must be done in person.

  • Access Bars Gifting and Receiving cost $20 per person and are only open to those that have taken the Access Bars class. To participate, you need to know how to run the bars to be able to gift and receive them.

  • Thetahealing sessions can take an hour to an hour and a half and cost $100 per session. The sessions can be in person or via video chat.

Free 20-minute consultation

If you’re feeling trepidation or would like to know more about what I offer, I would be happy to meet with you in person or via video chat. One of the things that I care for the most is making sure that what I offer is a good fit for you.


Payment can be received via Paypal, Venmo or cash. If a session is being done by video chat, payment must be made 10 minutes before session commences.


Cancellations must be done with 24 hour notice via call or text. These are greatly appreciated.